Terms and Conditions - Skandinavia

This document can be modified in any moment without notice, so it's your responsibility to check out often this page.


If you open an account in Skandinavia:
  • We can modify anything we want in your account without notice.
  • We can banish you without notice.
  • You are not allowed to share your account with another person. If you do it, we can banish you indefinitely and we don't have the responsibility of give you back anything if you get robbed.
  • We will use cookies to store some values in your computer to improve your interaction in the webpage.

  • Game/Client

  • If you try to hack the game (i.e. cloning items), we have all the right to banish you PERMANENTLY.
  • If you modify by yourself the Skandinavia Client without permission, we have all the right to banish you PERMANENTLY.
  • All sprites shown in game are property of Cipsoft GmbH.
  • If you lose some item in game under any circumstance, we don't have the responsibility of give you back anything you lost.

  • Donations

    If you get Skandinavia Points:
  • You are doing a donation to help us to still online, that's why we reward you with Skandinavia Points.
  • This donation CANNOT be refunded. If you make a chargeback (PayPal), your account will be banished PERMANENTLY
  • In case that we make a TOTAL RESET, we don't guarantee you that you'll get exactly all the Skandinavia Points that you got before.
  • If you make a donation by bank, make sure to deposit to the right account. Otherwise, is not our responsibility give you back your money or give you your Skandinavia Points.

  • If you buy an item at Skandinavia Shop:
  • It CANNOT be refunded.
  • If you lose it, we won't give you back the item.

  • Skandinavia Shop

  • We can modify anything without notice (Price, Attributes, etc.).
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